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Apply to Talent Match Worcestershire

Please use this form to apply to be put onto the Talent Match Worcestershire scheme or complete the form for someone that you know.

To be eligible to be part of the Talent Match Worcestershire scheme you have to:

  • Be aged 18-24 years of age.
  • Have been out of work, education or training for at least 12 months.
  • Currently be living in Worcestershire.

Please complete the details below as accurately as possible. A Talent Match representative will be in contact with you or the person that you're referring to the scheme to discuss the next steps as soon as possible.

Personal Details

Programme Qualification

Personal Health and Safety

Details of current circimstances

Is the client?

In receipt of benefits? (If yes, please tick which are applicable from the list below)

Addition Issues

Teen Parent/Parent to be?

Referrer Details