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Meet the Staff

Talent Match

Jayne Mason

Talent Match Project Co-ordinator

Jayne Mason is the Project Coordinator for Talent Match and has worked on the scheme since the very beginning, two and a half years ago. Jayne has personally enjoyed seeing its clients move forwards and achieve their goals.

Jayne was previously a Regional Manager for an organisation which provided counselling and psychotherapy to individuals & couples and managed the counselling service within Children’s Centres for mums and dads. She also helped to create a website for parents to access about domestic abuse and post-natal depression.

Jayne loves working with young adults, she finds that there is a lot of creativity and buzz which helps her in looking at how to deliver a service for young adults by young adults.

Jayne says…

My most favourite time on the project has been at the awards evening which we held at the beginning of 2016. I felt really proud to see those individuals who have worked hard and gained employment/training/education receive an award to recognise their achievements.


Jayne Wilson

Talent Match Business Manager

Jayne Wilson is the Business Manager for Talent Match Worcestershire and has been in this post since May 2016, she previously worked on The Work Programme contract and previous to that supporting women & children who were experiencing domestic abuse.

Jayne particularly enjoys hearing about the amazing achievements from the young people that Talent Match have been working with.

Jayne says…

I have a passion for helping and supporting young people to be the best that they can be and ensuring they have all available resources to do so. Please feel free to contact me or any of my team if you would like more information about this fabulous project!


YMCA and St Basils

Kenny Follina

Key Worker (YMCA)

Kenny is a Key Worker for the Talent Match Project, helping to deliver the project from the YMCA in Worcester. Being based in a busy residential unit, Kenny has direct access to those in need, who otherwise would be on the street facing long-term homelessness.

His work varies dramatically from day to day, but all activities are focused around the clients on his case load. With over 14 clients at any one time Kenny has a real opportunity to work with young adults of all varying abilities and diverse backgrounds.

As with all Talent Match Key Workers Kenny employs a holistic approach in bettering a young person’s future. Daily activities for him include: one to one support sessions, group workshops, training days, motivational activities, instilling independence skills and general needs support.

Kenny says…

“Being in a job where I meet, work, support and see young adults develop, achieve and succeed makes being a Talent Match Key Worker very rewarding.”


Key Worker (YMCA)

Amanda is a Talent Match Key Worker for The YMCA Worcestershire, in Partnership with Shaw Trust. She supports young adults in The Malvern area to find jobs, learn new skills or help them to start training/education. Amanda has the opportunity to work with all sorts of young adults, parents, people who are homeless, those have criminal records or even those with a learning difficulty.

It is really important to the project that Key Workers like Amanda can access the individuals who are ‘The furthest to reach’ in all respects. Amanda works with her clients through a person centered and holistic approach, and strives to find new and creative ways to encourage and empower them to succeed. They work together to build support and action plans which includes managing personal wellbeing.

Amanda says…

I am really excited and proud to be a part of The Talent match project as it is so different to any other I know. We see results from our clients daily, however small the achievement is, and we celebrate it. It is extremely rewarding to be a part of someone’s journey to becoming independent, confident, happy and fulfilled.


Key Worker (St Basils)

Tracy works for St Basils as a Talent Match Key Worker, supporting several young people who all engage at least once a week with the support she offers.

Tracy delivers a bespoke service based on the needs of the client and provides practical support around barriers to employment such as: coping with the anxiety, confidence issues, domestic violence, homelessness, being a victim of crime, offending behaviour, physical or mental health issues and learning disabilities. Working in collaboration with specialist agencies she is able to develop a tailored plan for clients to overcome their issues and help to prepare them for the world of employment or training.

Tracy says…

“My favourite aspect of the job is in seeing the young people gain skills such as confidence and assertiveness through their journey with Talent Match, finding inspiration and regaining their self-belief that they can achieve their goals.”


Key Worker (YMCA)

Abbi is the Talent Match Key worker for the Wyre Forest working for YMCA, she is based in the Kidderminster office and thrives off supporting and working with all of her young people.

Abbi’s background is primarily working in the welfare to work sector supporting people of all ages with health conditions and Disabilities.

Although her prior work was restricted contractually, Abbi liked to mix things up for the people she supported offering a light hearted approach to employment and life in general, she found that this is best for all involved and has gained lots of success in working this way.

Abbi was a key member of a team approached to design and facilitating bespoke pre-employment training courses nationally and has a very strong relationship with local companies.

Abbi has a unique way of identifying her young people’s needs and improving their employability; offering vocational advice and guidance to assist in career options, conducting job searches, working on CV building/ interview techniques and application form techniques. She understands that group work isn’t for everyone and if fully flexible in working on a 1-1 basis too

Abbi works with her Young people to identify their “goals and barriers” and is then able to introduce new and exciting ways to achieve and overcome them which in turn boosts confidence levels, reduces anxiety levels and clears the path for the young person's success.

Abbi says:

“I love being a Key Worker on The Talent Match project and being able to support and encourage young adults who are classed as being the “furthest to reach”. The Talent Match Project is one of a kind, a “diamond in the rough” we are able to support our Young people achieve their goals, no matter how big or small they may seem, and by seeing them do this it makes me proud of them every day and honoured to be a part of their journey”