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“Does your business have a job vacancy or placement that can be filled with one of our young people?”

How Employers Can Get Involved

Talent Match are keen to get Employers involved within the programme, if you would like to support those on the Talent Match scheme get in contact with us.

How you can help:

  • Do you have a business with a job vacancy or placement that can be filled with one of our young people?
  • Can you offer funded training within an employment sector?

The Process:

  • We like to meet with local employers and explain what we do as part of Talent Match
  • Have a chat with you to help identify if you have any targets in regards supporting the local community
  • Discuss how you might be able to help/ what you can offer in regards helping young people get into work.

Why support Talent Match?

Talent Match prides itself on the ability to support those on the scheme through a 1-2-1 personal level. Talent Match can support its clients in a variety of ways, whether this is: increasing their confidence; helping them overcome their fears & challenges; undergoing training activities that will help them be more qualified for a career of their choosing; or securing work experience/ employment within a desired industry. That’s where we need your help, we need organisations who are willing to give young people a chance of a fresh start, but most importantly an opportunity for them to take control and get into work.

If you have a job opportunity that you would like to offer to Talent Match please complete this form and we will get back to you shortly.

Considered taking on an Apprentice?

Studies have proven that in taking on an Apprentice organisations have seen the following benefits across the business:

  • More creative ideas
  • Strengthened and diversified workforce
  • An increase in work productivity
  • Introduced a fresh prospective to the business

With grants available to support you employing an Apprentice there are very few reasons not to take someone on. If you would like to learn more about Apprenticeships and how they could positively impact your business visit:

For an overview of taking on an Apprentice and the steps you need to take see:

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