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About Talent Match Worcestershire

A project funded by the Big Lottery Fund

Talent Match Worcestershire is an initiative funded by the Big Lottery Fund, which focuses on supporting young adults (18-24) within Worcestershire who may be socially excluded and face various challenges such as physical or mental health issues, experience learning difficulties, be at possible risk of offending or face challenges as a single parent and not having worked, been in education or training for at least 12 months. Talent Match supports these individuals to improve their circumstances, enhance motivation and feel included within their communities - enabling them to seek work opportunities when they are ready to do so.

How Does It work

The service is very much person-centered, a Key Worker is assigned to work with the young adult on a one-toone basis and supports them through their journey to employment for however long it takes. Our aim and vision is to identify those young adults within the Worcestershire area who are most in need of support and guidance and we will be helping them to achieve sustained positive outcomes. Such outcomes may relate to employability or work, learning or skills and personal independence.

With this in mind, the program is not time bound for the individual.The young adult’s ownership of their journey is paramount and the Key Worker will support them to feel empowered and to help break down barriers- whether perceived or real.

The young adult will be able to buy in the services that they need or to obtain support from other agencies that may offer a service that they feel is right for them. Talent Match will sign post to a wider network of specialist support services when appropriate to create a collaborative and cohesive support net for all our clients.

Unique to Worcestershire

In the creation of the project Young adults in Worcestershire expressed that the key element that was missing from existing provision was one-to-one support. We ensure our support is. We keep true to this every step of the Young Persons journey towards employment.

The Vision

The vision of Talent Match has been structured through consultation with young adults, using a strategy that support should be from a single point of contact, delivered by Key Workers who understand their needs and without continually having to repeat the same information and reducing the effect of bouncing referrals.Shaw Trust is leading the project and is working in partnership with their supply chain YMCA and St. Basils to provide the stepping stones to a brighter new future for our young adults.

This project is administered by Shaw Trust

Talent Match Worcestershire is a project run and administered by Shaw Trust

Shaw Trust is a national charity working to create brighter futures for the people and communities we serve.The charity was formed in 1982 in the village of Shaw in Wiltshire to support local disabled people to find employment. Since then Shaw Trust has grown in reach and now supports over 50,000 people a year to live independent and inclusive lives.

Today Shaw Trust provides employment opportunities, skills development training and health and well-being services across the UK. The Charity operates charitable social enterprises, retail shops and work alongside Shaw Education Trust, which runs a diverse chain of academy schools.

Shaw Trust is very proud to be working on the Talent Match Worcestershire project. Shaw Trust's mission and values focus on enabling people at disadvantage to live more independently, to secure sustainable employment and actively contribute to family and community life, and the Talent Match Worcestershire project embodies those values.

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